Compliance and Screening

Flexible Workforce’s K-9 Technology VMS automatically initiates a 30 day campaign to contact and prompt drivers for updated compliance information. K-9 sends a series of emails, text and phone calls to drivers reminding them of what is expiring, what needs to be done and failure to do so could disqualify them from servicing your account. This technology allows you to monitor your fleet by giving you full visibility to Compliance dashboards and alerts on:

  • Driver’s license expiration
  • Vehicle registration expiration
  • Driver’s personal auto-expiration
  • Cargo & GL-expiration
  • MVR checks
  • Background checks
  • Drug testing results
  • K-9 Technology
    Because sometimes you have to dog a vendor for information!

Integrated Driver Screening

Our Screening Partner provides quick results on vendor driver MVR’s, background checks, and drug testing.  Screening options and packages are best in class, and extremely competitive. We can also provide:

  • Daily MVR record checks on your entire fleet of vendor drivers to monitor driver qualifications and help mitigate risk.
  • Changes to MVR status automatically alerts you through our VMS System.