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Certified Training Programs

By flexible-workforce | 10/21/17


Professionally training and certifying Contract  Carriers and Delivery Personnel is what we do.  Because giving the customer white glove home delivery, installation, and assembly services is the key that locks down the sale. This acknowledgment is critical for the future of the industry.  Here at C.O.D.E. we understand and are the first to acknowledge the importance of the Contract Carrier and Delivery Personnel.

As far as the home or business owner is concerned, anything that happens between the time of purchase and arrival in their homes or offices just does not matter. Your customer is not thinking about supply chains and cross-docks, warehouses and carriers, delivery drivers and time windows. They click; you deliver. Game over.

Until something goes wrong. Then it’s all on you. Then it all matters. And as far as the customer is concerned it all happens in the last mile. The delivery drivers are the last faces the customer sees in the entire shopping cycle. How they perform, their behavior, whether or not they are professional . . . all of these link directly back to the retail business. Our own customer surveys conducted post-delivery bear that out again and again.

That’s why we chose to specialize in the critical last mile. Because we know that this can be the deciding factor in a happy or dissatisfied customer. You could call us passionate about that last mile because that’s when the customer and his or her purchase come face-to-face with reality and sale is at the greatest risk. That risk is minimized when the delivery driver is properly trained.  Now, with C.O.D.E., your customers can be sure they are getting drivers trained and certified in the art of Last-Mile Delivery.

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