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New Company Offers Logistics Providers First-of-its Kind Solutions to Manage a Flexible Driver Workforce

BRENTWOOD, TN, Oct. 20, 2017 – A new solution for logistics companies looking for more comprehensive ways to manage their flexible driver workforce has hit the streets. Flexible WorkForce, LLC is a new contract vendor management service that provides logistics companies with an automated platform to handle workflows and processes for all flexible workforce activities.

The company’s unique platform is a one-stop alternative for logistics companies to recruit, screen, verify, on-board, manage, pay andinsure a flexible driver workforce. The new business brings together the expertise of industry veterans Rob Slack and Kirk Godby and the insurance expertise of Avant, LLC an insurance program manager specializing in niche commercial insurance products and services for over 40 years.

Logistics companies using Flexi ble WorkForce’s new dashboard will get visibility to recruiting, on-boarding, compliance, payments, reporting, driver negotiation and access to the company’s new Driver Marketplace. This will help them find, recruit, and seamlessly on-board contracted drivers.

Industry insider, Rob Slack, is Flexible Workforce’s President and Managing Partner. He brings over 40 years of experience in the logistics industry. He is the former president of the Messenger and Courier Association of America (now the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association-CLDA) and a member of the association’s Hall of Fame. Joining Rob as a managing partner and the company Chief Operating Officer is industry veteran Kirk Godby. Kirk brings over 24 years of industry experience and service to the industry. He was also the CLDA’s former president and an active member in both the MCAA and CLDA for 12 years.

Rounding out the executive team is logistics industry veteran, Phil Williams. He will serve as the company’s Vice President of Insurance Products & Services. He brings over 31 years of insurance industry experience specializing in transportation and logistics. Phil provides the unique coverage and compliance guidance for Independent Contractor exposures associated with work injury, workers’ compensation insurance, and risk management.

“We formed this company to revolutionize the way logistics providers find, manage and insure their flexible workforce,” says Flexible WorkForce’s President Rob Slack. “Throughout our careers we recognized the need for a company that offers flexible solutions that can be tailored to meet each unique situation that a logistics company needs to support and properly manage the IC model. In addition, our partnership with Avant allows us to offer full access to all the insurance products and coverages a logistics company procures. This includes Occupational Accident, Contingent Liability, and Workers Compensation. In addition, our partnership with them allows us to offer additional products such as Cargo coverage, Commercial Auto, Personal Commercial Gap coverage, General Liability, Cyber Liability, and D&O Liability.”

About Flexible WorkForce, LLC
Flexible WorkForce, LLC is an automated platform that provides solutions to manage the logistics’ industry’s flexible driver workforce. Its platform is a one-stop solution for logistics companies to recruit, screen, verify, on-board, manage, pay and insure a flexible driver workforce. Flexible WorkForce brings together the expertise of industry veterans Rob Slack and Kirk Godby and the insurance expertise of Avant. For more information see:

About Avant, LLC
Avant, LLC, is the holding company of Avant Underwriters, Avant Brokerage, Avant Specialty Claims, and Avant Supermarket Group. These organizations provide a nationwide broad menu of exclusive programs and wholesale offerings specializing in trucking classes, supermarkets, and food industries. To contact an Avant representative, email Rob Parrett, VP Marketing

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