Insurance Products

All of the Insurance products described below are indications of the products and programs that can be made part of our program portfolio and require an application, underwriting and approval before they can be quoted and bound. Any insurance related coverage must be represented by one of our approved and appointed Licensed Insurance Agency partners.

FWF offers full access to all the insurance policies and coverages a Logistics Company needs, such as:

Dispatch Auto Liability

Drivers who carry only state minimum auto coverage can upgrade their coverage to a $300,000 CSL when they are under dispatch.  The underwriter rates the policy by metro location and a % of settlement with a ceiling and a floor.  This coverage is a fraction of the cost of a straight commercial policy and if you don’t work a week, you pay nothing!

Occupational Accident

Occupational Accident insurance provides work injury coverage for injuries resulting from an accident incurred while performing duties required under your vendor services contract. The benefits offered are designed for independent contractor vendor service providers who are not required by state law to carry workers compensation insurance. Our program provides Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Temporary Total Disability, Continuous Total Disability, and Accident Medical coverage. A Benefits Summary providing specific limits of coverage will be provided to you upon completion of your enrollment, and a full copy of the policy is available for your records and review.

Contingent Liability

Contingent Liability insurance provides coverage to Flexible Workforce, LLC and to the client-vendor companies who are listed as an Additional Insured. Contingent Liability coverage is in place to respond to legal actions brought by a covered independent contractor vendor services provider who seeks to be reclassified for purposes of gaining access to statutory workers’ compensation benefits. It provides FWF and client companies with legal defense and indemnification of possible benefits that may need to be paid in the event of a reclassification action.

Workers Compensation

Flexible Workforce, LLC has in force statutory Workers’ Compensation insurance for W-2 employees underwritten and issued by the same insurance program partner providing the Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability insurance. FWF will be able to provide a Certificate of Workers’ Compensation insurance evidencing that FWF has contingent liability coverage in place for all FWF contracted vendors as well as a statutory Workman’s Compensation certificate evidencing coverage for your W-2 employees.

On a case by case basis, we may also be able to secure Workers Compensation insurance for our client vendor drivers through the same insurance carrier partner as long as the premium ratio fits within our underwriting guidelines and the risk profile does not include any excluded classes such as bicycle messengers.

Also Available – call for more information

  • Cargo coverage for logistics companies and drivers
  • Commercial Auto
  • General Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • D & O Insurance