Driver Benefits

Your program fee with Flexible WorkForce provides the buying power needed to get the discounts and available programs drivers need, but might not be able to afford as a single entity.

$100 a Month in Rewards and Benefits dollars to use at over 500,000 local participating businesses.

  • McDonalds
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Chilies
  • Friday’s
  • Major Retailers
  • Hotels and travel
  • Thousands of ways to use the rewards bucks

Best part is, we put the $100 every month you are delivering and if you don’t use them all this month, we will roll them over and add another $100 next month!

Paid membership in the AAIC

American Association of Independent Contractors
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Flexible Workforce Contractors have access to the DriverCare Benefit Program which includes the following products:
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  • Multiple Health Plans
    • Major Medical
    • Cancer
    • Doctor visits
  • Vision
  • Dental

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What the First-Ever Bill Promoting Portable Benefits for Independent Contractors Would Do